BENTLEY Bentley Absolute For Men

Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Ginger – Pink pepper – Frankincense

Heart Notes: Papyrus – Sandalwood – Atlas cedar

Base Notes: Amber – Oud -Moss

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Hand-decanted by Soltan Fragrances

Bentley Absolute For Men by BENTLEY is a luxurious and masculine fragrance that embodies the essence of the Bentley brand. This fragrance exudes confidence, elegance, and sophistication, capturing the spirit of a modern man who appreciates refined craftsmanship and timeless style.

The opening of Bentley Absolute For Men is a burst of fresh and zesty bergamot combined with a touch of spicy pink pepper. This invigorating combination immediately grabs your attention, setting the stage for the rich and captivating journey that unfolds.

As the scent develops, the heart reveals a harmonious blend of warm and aromatic notes. Aromatic lavender and geranium create a classic and refined character, while nutmeg adds a subtle spicy twist. These notes contribute to the fragrance’s elegance and sophistication, making it suitable for formal occasions or professional settings.

In the base, Bentley Absolute For Men unveils a woody and smoky foundation that adds depth and masculinity to the composition. Precious oud wood, known for its luxurious and captivating qualities, takes center stage, enveloping you in its intoxicating embrace. The smoky notes of patchouli and deep amber further enhance the richness of the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression.

In terms of performance, Bentley Absolute For Men delivers a commendable longevity, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite blend for hours on end. The projection is moderate, creating a pleasing aura around the wearer without overpowering the surroundings. This makes it a versatile fragrance that can be worn both during the day and evening, adapting to various occasions and seasons.

Bentley Absolute For Men is a fragrance that exudes sophistication and class. It is best suited for the discerning gentleman who appreciates timeless style and attention to detail. Whether you’re attending a formal event, business meeting, or simply want to elevate your everyday attire, this fragrance will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

The bottle design of Bentley Absolute For Men is equally impressive, reflecting the brand’s commitment to luxury and craftsmanship. The sleek and elegant flacon, adorned with Bentley’s iconic logo, is a testament to the fragrance’s refined character.

In conclusion, BENTLEY Bentley Absolute For Men is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance that captures the essence of the Bentley brand. With its invigorating opening, refined heart, and captivating base, this fragrance offers a harmonious blend of fresh, aromatic, and woody notes. If you’re in search of a fragrance that embodies elegance and timeless masculinity, Bentley Absolute For Men is a worthy choice.


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