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MUGLER Alien EDT Edition

Eau de Toilette

Top Notes: Mandarin orange – Citrus fruits

Heart Notes: Jasmine – White blossoms

Base Notes: Amber- Cashmeran

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Fragrance Review: MUGLER Alien EDT Edition

MUGLER Alien EDT Edition is a captivating fragrance that offers a fresh interpretation of the iconic Alien perfume by the renowned French fashion house, MUGLER. This edition brings a new twist to the original Alien composition, presenting a lighter and more refreshing take on the distinctive Alien DNA.

The opening of Alien EDT Edition is a burst of fresh and zesty notes that immediately awaken the senses. The combination of citrusy bergamot and sparkling lemon adds a vibrant and invigorating touch, setting a bright and energetic tone. As the fragrance settles, the heart notes reveal the signature Alien accord of jasmine. However, in this edition, the jasmine is lighter and airier, creating a softer and more delicate floral experience compared to the original Alien. This evolution maintains the essence of the Alien character while offering a new dimension to the fragrance.

What sets Alien EDT Edition apart is its ability to balance the freshness of the opening with the warmth and sensuality of the base. The dry-down unveils a blend of white amber and cashmeran, creating a comforting and alluring foundation. These notes add depth and a touch of seduction to the fragrance, providing a gentle embrace that lingers on the skin.

The longevity of Alien EDT Edition is moderate, lasting several hours on the skin, while the sillage is moderate as well, leaving a pleasant and inviting trail. This makes it suitable for both casual and daytime wear, offering a refreshing and radiant presence.

MUGLER Alien EDT Edition is a delightful fragrance that offers a lighter and fresher interpretation of the beloved Alien perfume. With its invigorating citrus opening, delicate jasmine heart, and warm amber base, it offers a captivating and more wearable olfactory experience compared to the original Alien.

In conclusion, MUGLER Alien EDT Edition is a fragrance that offers a fresh and radiant take on the iconic Alien fragrance. With its vibrant citrus notes, softened jasmine heart, and comforting base, it provides a new perspective on the Alien universe. If you appreciate the Alien DNA but prefer a lighter and more refreshing version, Alien EDT Edition is a fragrance to consider exploring.


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